What impressed me the most about LASH ME OUT was the versatility and the quality of the lashes themselves. The customer service was excellent! IMAN was very professional in her sale and delivery of the lashes. There was no hesitation to fulfill the order and make sure that I, the customer, received the lashes in a timely manner. I have had both a lash set done by IMAN as well as purchased strip lashes from her business and both filled me with such confidence and beauty in any situation. I would recommend LASH ME OUT because her business itself has taken the time to research and provide the perfect lashes that every makeup loving person has been looking for. I will definitely receive further lash services from LASH ME OUT! The quality and customer service have made me a life long loyal customer to her business."

Liyah F.Client

 I was most impressed by IMAN's professionalism. She was so professional made sure I was comfortable, made sure I knew what product she was using on my eyes, and she kept checking on me and made sure I was okay and that I loved the finish look. The customer service was exceptional! I felt beautiful after my lash set. I loved it. I loved how she took her time and made sure it was perfect and the way I liked it. I would recommend LASH ME OUT because you really get what you paid for: Beautiful lashes, exceptional customer service and most importantly, the passion. You can really tell IMAN has a passion for what she does and she doesn't play around so I would recommend her to anyone. I am and will continue to be a supporter always! LASH ME OUT!"

Betty A.

 THE QUALITY! The band is a good width and the lash hairs were so wispy! The customer service was good! I feel like a Bad B*tch wearing my lashes! LASH ME OUT should be apart of your lash collection! The packaging is so cute and the lip gloss that comes with it is so nice. The overall quality is amazing! 10/10. I'll be buying more!"

Jeanine E.